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Trashstock 2009

August 9, 2009


Seven, Nottingham


SOCIETY CRISIS – had the task to open up the fest today. SC are a solid hard rocking band. Though a tad loose on the drummers, the rhythms and beats were melodic with some spicy fills.

KITTY HUDSON – thundered on stage like a hard punch to the face. Bouncy riffs and anthemic lyrics. Though ambitious stick twirling caused a few drops, the set was still high energy and fun, steaming through to play as many songs as possible in the 30 minutes slot.

OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE – are probably the misfits on the bill being more grunge than glam, regardless they play true to themselves belting out passion and groove with powerful vocals.

SHUSH – pump out their pop rock melodies with no disappointments.

(Unfortunately I had to miss all the other bands due to a gig of my own and being told the wrong times.)

GINGER was quite laid back tonight. There was a great party atmosphere on stage and in the crowd. Although there were constant sound problems the show merrily continued with arms waving in the air and plenty of banter from ginger to the crowd, toasting pints and talking about life.

All in all the fest had a great atmosphere and there was great support for all the bands. The weather was great, thankfully for the BBQ, which I have to say, was a great hit and tasted fab!


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