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Chris Dale interview 22/12/18

Chris Dale interview – Rock City, 22/12/18

27/07/18 – TotalRock Takeover: The Angel


The fourth edition of the Takeover is the most ambitious to date, performing Ghost’s ‘Meliora’. This was not just a performance but also a full production show with costumes! In fact, it was in discussion with Rich Shaw at the 2016 Rock City Ghost gig that Project X was instigated!

eBay is very resourceful but special thanks to the lovely Kate’s Clothing for their assistance with shirts! This time the lineup would not change for each song and such was the demand for more shows, Popestars were born. We did a photoshoot in the venues crucifix shaped cave and the chapel was without a doubt the most fitting choice to play at, although in midsummer with a full blood lunar eclipse, it was also the hottest!

Band: Guitars – Richard Shaw (NG26/Emperor Chung/Cradle of Filth), Reece Sanderson (Forgotten Remains), Bass – Berty Burton (Demon Speed/Tigertailz), Keys – Aaron Connelly (Evil Scarecrow live), drums – myself, BVs – Kerry Johnston (Retribution).

30/03/18 – TotalRock Takeover: Chameleon Arts Café


For the fourth edition Project X performed Queens Of The Stone Age’s ‘Songs For The Deaf’.

Band: Lead guitar – Robin Frazer (Parasite Syndicate), Rhythm guitar – Martin Jackson, Bass – Dave Marzek (Hung Daddy), Drums – myself.

Vocals: Sam Barson (Famous For Nothing/Black Ink), Kellianee (retribution), Esme (Centurion), Paul Smith (Patriot Rebel), Patrick MacDonald (Cacodaemonic/Deathflux/Antre).

Playlist 26/01/18

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 26/01/18

*Single of the Week †Top of the Rocks

Aerosmith – Love In An Elevator  

Buster Shuffle – Pretty Boy

Cannibal Corpse – Scavenger Consuming Death

Ram – Incinerating Storms

Beartooth – Sick Of Me

Evertim – Let Me Go

The international Swingers – Live Wire

For The Win – Us Verses Them

Hey Gigantic – Passenger

Cursed Earth – War March

God Damn- I’ll Bury You

Numa Echoes – Is But A Shady World

Kim Sevior – Chiasma

Flase Flag – Sisyphus Lament

Spectral Fires – Left Behind

First Signs Of Frost – Look Alive Sunshine

Simemara – Visionary

Lifetight – Dreams

Stand Atlantic – Coffee At Midnight

Sorcerer – Ship Of Doom

Kryptonite – Chasing Fire

Sonic Kharma – Keep Calm And Carry On

Lione-Conti – Ascension †

Skarlett Riot – Affliction †

Gun – Favourite Pleasures †

Figures – Alpha †

Cane Hill – Lord Of Flies †

Nevicate – Shattered*

SikTh – The Aura*

Bury The Traitor – Heads Down Thumbs Up*

Line OF Fire – Purple Sky

Dave McPherson – Ivory Elder

Arch Enemy – The World Is Yours

Wintersun – Winter Madness

The Used – The Taste Of Ink

Don Broco – Come Out To L.A.

Alien Ant Farm – Courage

Soil – Set Me Free

Paradise Lost – Forever After

A – Nothing

Vex Red – Clone Jesus

Stereophonics – C’est La Vie

Veil Of Maya – Overthrow

Hung Daddy – Grandma In a Datsun

Playlist 22/12/17

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 22/12/17

*Top of the Rocks †Top of the Rocks

Aerosmith – Reefer Head Woman 

The Tossers – smash the windows

Bloodclot – Slow Kill Genocide

Buster Shuffle – I Don’t Trust A Word You Say

Cannibal Corpse – Code Of The Slashers

Neuronspoiler – Slay The Beast

Ram – Gulag

Black Dahlia Murder – Kings Of The Nightworld

HighView – Reset

Tomorrow Is Lost – Insane

Monolord – Where Death Meets The Sea

Sorcerer – Disciples Of The Dark

Sons Of Apollo – Signs Of The Time*

Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics – Dancin’ Down Below*

Kill The Unicorn – F.U.C.K.U.P.*

The Fading – A Moment Of Insight †

Nelson Can – On Christmas Night

The 69 Eyes – Christmas In New York

Star Blazers – The Island Of Misfit Toys

Star Dancer – Everything I Want For Christmas

Van Rockman – Happy Holiday, It’s Christmas!

The Spook School – Someone To Spend Christmas With

The Maple State – The Things I Heard At The Party

My Son The Bum – Goodbye Psychotic Christmas

Rainforce – Bring Back Christmas

Lawnmower Deth – F U Kristmas

Steel Panther – I Got What You Want

Fizzy Blood – Black Sheep

Arch Enemy – Silent Wars

Wintersun – Awaken From Dark Slumber (Spring)

Bowling For Soup – Hey Diane

Don Broco – You Wanna Know

Alien Ant Farm – Movies

Paradise Lost – Small Town Boy

Butcher Babies – I Smell A Masacre

HCBP – American Graffiti

Stone Broken – This Life

Betraying The Martyrs – Lost For Words

Obiturary – Violence

The Stranglers – No More Heroes

TMTWNBBFN – Steph(v)enson

Playlist 15/12/17

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 15/12/17

*Single of the Week †Top of the Rocks

Aerosmith – Tell Me

Invoker – Haunt Me

Byzantine – Vile Maxim

Tombs – Talk With Me In Nightmares

Goatwhore – Chaos Arcane

I The Betrayer – Credulity

Seven Kingdoms – Stargazer

Devil Electric – Lady Velvet 

Alestorm – Alestorm

QTY – Dress Undress

Rory Indiana – Tough Love

Veridian – Sleep A Little Better

The Jaques – No Kamikaze

The Tossers – Erin Go Bragh

Tooth & Nail – Cryin’ For You

Veins – Ambi

From Eden To Exile – Volatile

Fates Warning – Guardian

Satellites – Thread

As December Falls – More To You

Dream Aria – On This Christmas Eve

Matt Newton – Catch A Snowflake

Execration – Return To The Void

Portrait – Martyrs

The Doomsday Kingdom – Hand Of Hell

Monolord – Dear Lucifer

The Dolyrots – Dance Like A Maniac †

Janet Gardner – Rat Hole †

Bloodclot – Kali*

HIM – Funeral Of Hearts

Biters –  Electric Blood

Steel Panther – Death To All But Metal

Bowling For Soup – The Last Rock Show

Lawnmower Deth – F U Kristmas

The Damned – Smash It Up

Fizzy Blood – January Sun

The Faceless – Autotheist Movement II: Emancipate

Arch Enemy – The World Is Yours

The Used – Taste Of Ink

Don Broco – Everybody

Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To

Alien Ant Farm – Attitude

Paradise Lost – Two Worlds

Butcher Babies – Don’t Give a Fuck

Playlist 08/12/17

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 08/12/17

*Single of the Week †Top of the Rocks

Aerosmith – Get A Grip 

Pretty Little Enemy – Get A Grip

Dumbsaint – Ghoul

False Hearts – Cynical Love

For The Win – All Or Nothing

Glenn Proudfoot – Broken

Hypophora – Headlines

This Is Turin – When God Bleeds*

Intervals – By Far And Away

Johannes Maria Knoll  – The Giving Of Law

Lightscape – By Design

Phoxjaw – Lottery

Mass Sky Raid – Chemical Design

Mew – I A Better Place

Nothing More – Go To War

Novelists – L’Appel Du Vide

Of Mice & Men – Warzone

Young Kings – Piece By Piece

The Darkness – Solid Gold

Puppy – Demons

Quicksand – Illuminant

Null – Welcome The Sleep*

Priest – Vaudeville

Beast In Black – Born Again

Michael Monroe – Simpletown

Kreator – Hail To The Hord†

Miscreant – Let Tomorrow Die†

Pennan Brae – Walk With Me†

Polaris – Lucid†

Shed Seven – Disco Down

Hung Daddy – See A Doctor

Quireboys – Hey You

Rocket From A Crypt – On A Rope

HIM – Wicked Game

Biters – Gypsy Rose

New Model Army – No Rest

Steel Panther – She’s Tight

The Damned – Eloise

Arch Enemy – Exist To Exit

Bowling For Soup – Summer Of ’69

Don Broco – Money Power Fame

Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

Stone Broken – Know Your Enemy