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Frank Turner (Live)

October 19, 2009

Frank Turner- 18/10/09
Rock City, Nottingham
Opening the gig tonight was the quirky named Beans On Toast, an acoustic political comedy act. The front man of this act has a great on stage report, his raspy voice has character and charisma. He can tell stories well, randomly stopping in the middle of songs and sporadically choosing where to come back in, managing to make this fun rather than sloppy. He’s newly formed a rap side to the outfit, featuring an accordion and a drum machine, but more on the fast talk side of things rather than the ‘rapper’.
Next up were Fake Problems, a country sounding indie band from the states, add a little hint of Gorgol Bordello and you might be able to comprehend what kind of sound they have. I thought the drumming was dynamic with twangy melodic guitaring, strong vocals and a hyper bassist. Very danceable music. ★★★★★
Frank Turner was simply inspiring. Conviction to the strength of an army within his lyrics and enthusiasm. Frank was Immensely proud to be playing a solo headline show of this size, selling out on the night! The audience was every musicians dream, singing to practically every word of every song, hanging on to every breath of Franks. You don’t have to be a genius to know Frank Turner is going to be one of the greatest songwriters of this, or the next, decade! ★★★★★

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