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The Armed – These Are Lights

February 2, 2010


Well if the fact that this album is free isn’t enough for you to get it, the fact that it is ace should be! Straight away Party At Pablos kicks you in the face swiftly followed by Kingbreaker. I can only think to describe this music as hardcore/tech/metal, they say it “Sounds Like: Yelling”. In the first five minutes you are exposed to brutal fast paced beats and twiddly riffs, but this Detroit band actually have a few tricks up their sleeve in the form of a kind of slow jazz instrumental, I Steal What I Want, some thing that starts off almost indie/pop moving into Nine Inch Nails, Gave Up, and a light atmosphered sampled interlude moving into something like ‘Come To Daddy’. Short but sweet, 30 minutes of twists and delightfully fast tempo beats and guitars.

★★★★✩ Album of the Week, 02/02/10

You can download the album for free now at





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