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Rob Zombie – Hellbilly Delux 2

February 16, 2010


2nd February 2010

Roadrunner Records

Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls And The Systematic Dehumanization Of Cool is the title given to Hellbilly Deluxe 2, the fourth studio album from Rob Zombie. Interestingly the album was actually completed in late 2008 and recorded for the first time with a ‘band’ rather than a rotation of session musicians as on previous albums. I think this shows through out the album with a sense of direction and a common goal.

The album actually starts off at a steady pace, with the track Burn released on the game ‘Rock Band’. It’s not until track three, Sick Bubblegum that some hard rock reaches out and says something. In this case a repetition of Mother F*ck*r that for me, doesn’t seem so obscene and flows easily with the riff. What?, the first single released from the album, follows with a catchy pop rhythm and melody. Although a video has not yet been made for this, Zombie has made sure the artwork with the album is his best yet, using it as a full stop at the end of the CD era, giving way to digital sales.

Each track gives us different intros, such as acoustic in Mars Needs Women, that famous sampling in Werewolf, Baby! and doom in Virgin witch. The Man Who Laughs is an epic 10 minute symphonic rock track, though that does include a four treated to a minute drum solo! This still only brings this album to 45 minutes but listening through the album I felt satisfied at its conclusion and I thoroughly enjoyed the album.

★★✩✩✩  Album of the Week, 16/02/10


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