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The Safety Fire – Sections [EP]

March 9, 2010


8th February 2010

Instant eargasm! The Safety Fire please me most immensely. Math metal displayed at its best coming from the uprising scene in the UK of tech bands.

In honesty, musically I cannot fault this band at all, but I had a problem getting past the vocals. There is much intensity and pure raw passion behind the lyrics which (to me) came across more hardcore sounding, and i’m not a fan of hardcore. So this was an awkward position to be in, I decided that there would be a point in which it would click and I would get it and fully feel the band as a whole, most likely live. This opportunity then became available. Unfortunately the gig fell on the night of my show, meaning I would only catch half the set, even worse the gig was running half an hour late, meaning I caught 2 minutes.

Well it turns out this band is amazing live, within 30 seconds it clicked. Seeing how much effort vocalist, Sean, puts in along with the explosion of energy displayed from the rest of the band, it would be hard for anyone not to get sucked in.

The tracks on the album display the most excellent ingredients; noise, melody, confusion, harmony, slow pace, soul, twiddly, chug, speed and djent!

Word is that the debut album has even more unified direction and the vocals are more polished. Imagine how many stars that will get, because this one has…

★★★★✩ Album of the Week, 09/03/10

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