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Chimp Spanner – At The Dream’s Edge

March 23, 2010


12th April 2010

Basick Records

If Bill & Ted did metal; this would be it! The whole album oozes feel goodness with happy scales and melodies. Chimp Spanner is not only the brain child of Paul Ortiz, Chimp Spanner IS Paul Ortiz! He wrote and recorded the entire album thus concluding he is the living trinity of tech metal; Father, Son and Holy fuck what is this?!

The thirteen instrumental tracks flow smoothly throughout, sewn together with lovely polyrhythmic chugs. Even with thirteen tracks, due to the continuity the album flies by and thanks to the uplifting ambience, At The Dream’s Edge doesn’t get monotonous. But, just incase you feel its getting that way, midway through comes the thumping Harvey Wall Banger.

A must have buy for all tech, progressive and metal fans and a safe buy for those looking to broaden their minds.

★★★✩✩  Album of the Week, 23/03/10

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