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Opeth – Blackwater Park (2010 Remaster)

April 6, 2010


27th February 2001

Music For Nations

Originally released just shy of ten years ago, this highly acclaimed album displayed a change in style from the band aided by Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson, who produced the album. In March 2010 it was re-released with extras.

The album must have had such an impact when it first came out as for me right now it does not sound aged and is beautifully stunning. The music is epically chilled and fused with heavy riffs and tones. Essentially though, I should let the music do the talking because this album talks for itself. It speaks so well that even if I put it on in the background, I end up having to just sit and listen. So without a doubt, it’s easy to give Blackwater Park

★★★★★ Album of the Week, 06/04/10


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