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TNT (UK, 2010)

May 24, 2010

On The Road With… The Needful Things (TNT) (UK – May, 2010)

Somehow I got asked to join a band, a sort of super group of underground rock n roll musicians in the UK. Formed and fronted by singer, Hilda, of Drugdealer Cheerleader – even now I have to stop and think how to say that name, DDLC is much easier on my brain. Anyway, so a friend of mine, Izzy, recommended me to him saying I was a good drummer; neglecting to mention she’d not actually seen or heard me play! I waited until our last gig to tell him this! haha


The band, The Needful Things (TNT), consisted of us two, Laney 74 (Teenage Casket Company/Bullet Boys/Black Mollys), Richie Hudson (Kitty Hudson) and Oz (Phluid). Richie had to leave and Keef (Dead Identities/Kitty Hudson/another 20 bands) was recruited. We, as a super group, were to play the song from our respective bands – though Badaxe nor Kid Klumsy tracks were chosen. We had two and a half practices; the half being an attempt at my pub but we were too loud to do it properly. after that practice we had our first photo shoot. After our second sweltering practice we had some rehearsal recordings. Things were moving fast!

For most of the guys, they at least knew 3 of their own, and probably knew of the other songs. For me I recognized a couple so basically had to learn the set from scratch. But I enjoyed this challenge and after the 3 practices I got all tracks down to 98% sorted.


Friday 14th – Selby

Our first gig in Selby, Yorkshire, went well. And for a first ever gig I think was pretty damn hot! Not a massive attendance as apparently Oz had left a trial of broken hearts in that town, but was still good enough to start with =) Check out our support band, The Idol Dead!

Saturday 15th – Bradford

Bradford was great, the crowd got bigger through the night at Gasworks and we had a lovely Italian at a restaurant around the corner, hidden away down an alley. Though my camera was stolen that night, again! Check out our support band Exit State!


Thursday 20th – London

A few days off until our biggest gig at The Gaff in London. At the time I didn’t enjoy the gig, I thought I was really shit but having listened back it actually wasn’t so bad. I was also disappointed in a lot of my London friends, may of which on the free guest list, didn’t bother to turn up; now I know who my real friends are.

Friday 21st – Grimsby

The next day I picked up our tour bus, this was so strange to drive being in a high position and having power steering! We dove up to Yardbirds in Grimsby which should have been a great night but was oddly quiet. But a festival friend happened to be at the gig so that was a nice surprise. We had an array of flavoured sambucca, one of which managed to sober Oz and myself up, so I went to sleep ready for the road in the morning.

Saturday 22nd – Newcastle

We popped over to the beach in Cleethorpes and had chips and ice cream then carried on north to Newcastle. Slightly wary of this club gig. It seemed to start well, but as soon as the main club started we lost the crowd. Not such a great performance from myself again so I felt pretty down. But ended up dancing to a crap DJ with Oz with some randoms. We noticed no chavs and a lot of women with no shoes! This night the promoter bought us meals and we stayed at her house!

Sunday 23rd – Nottingham

Food breakfast in the morning and we headed south for Nottingham. Turns out Cryptfest was the first thing the promoter had ever done. the bands were really great but I don’t think he had any clue in how to advertise; there wasn’t even posters in the venue for it! Needless to say we played to very few and guttingly it was our best performance yet. We had a quick BBQ at Riot House and returned there for Benny Hill and cartoon theme tune antics and beds.


We parted ways to our respective parts of the country, I hope we reunite.


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