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Beholder – The Awakening

July 27, 2010


1st December 2009

Lime Records

This album is METAL! It doesn’t need to be subgenre-lised, it doesn’t need to be dissected, it doesn’t need to be explained – it’s metal! And british metal at that. I feel a personal sense of pride for this band from having being regulars at my local dirty bikers bar in the midlands to having their first album released, I even used to work with the drummer, Chris Bently, and bought my drum kit from him!

Snake Eyes gives us a pretty good warm up into this album – which is very solid, probably a talent gained from the bands previous role being a metal covers band! I guess having played in that role the band were able to find and apply the best bits of metal to make their own.

Vocalist, Simon Hall, has a great growly voice for metal, but in The Heretic, Born In To Pain and Brave Shall Fall he really shows off with his baritone singing, the timbre of which softly compliments the music. Typically the tracks clock in at over five minutes so half way through the album do you start feeling the length of the album, to which the band will say “Kiss my ass”! KMA is a great track, wicked beat and solo, good live along with March Of The Damned, about the Spartans.

Brave Shall Fall is a slow number full of passion and meaning and up next is my favourite and the title track of the album, The Awakening. An awesome intro, cool drumming and I love the sound of the guitars in the opening riff, they sound pretty exceptional in this track with a beautiful melodic solo. I also love the chorus, again with those baritone vocals. Finishing off, Show No Mercy reminds me of Iron Maiden with the intro and guitars and the conclusion of the album comes as Enemies Of Reason, an acoustic track.

A solid buy, get it!

★★★★✩  Album of the Week, 27/07/10


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