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Playlist 02/01/11

January 2, 2011

The Launch Pad – TotalRock, 02/01/11


Aerosmith – Kiss Your Past Goodbye

Refused – New Noise

Five Point O – Double X Minus

Eighteen Visions – I Let Go

Mnemic – Door 2.12

Wintersun – Winter Madness

Nighwish – Wish I Had an Angel

Soilwork – Nerve

A Life Once Lost – Vulture

Solefald – Survival Of the Outlaw

Ill Nino – If You Still Hate Me

A Dozen Furies – Everlasting Grudge

Moonspell – Luna

Satyricon – K.I.N.G.

Devine Heresy – Failed Creation

God Forbid – The End Of The World

Trivium – Like Light To Flies

*Shels – Water

Tyr – Hold The Heathern Hammer High

In Flames –

Chimaira – Power trip

Lamb Of god – Ruin

Killswitch Engage – Life To Lifeless

Idiom – Beast Of Bodmin

36 Crzyfists – I’ll Go Unitl My Heart Stops

P.O.D. – Alive


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