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IIIrd Alternative – IIIA (Gehör – UK)

May 23, 2011
**IIIrd Alternative join The Launch Pad PR!**
TLP is to work on a second objective to expose artists based in North Europe into the UK. Charging at the head of this initiative is Danish Progressive Post-Rockers, IIIRD ALTERNATIVE!
IIIrd Alternative are an instrumental, thorough, ambitious and diffuse targeted project where the music is the unmistakable drive and definitely is paramount. Initially founded in 2003 with the current constellation formed in 2008, the band have been stunning audiences across Denmark and now look to expand their live show into central Europe and the UK.
In 2010 the band recorded their self titled début released on their own label, Gehör, in January 2011, the release coincided with their performance at the Aarhus Music Festival. The album, available on iTunes and Band Camp, has also been released with a limited edition run of numbered CDs, meanwhile the band are looking into a special edition vinyl release.
The band describe their music as; “The alternative mirrored moving in a continuous arbitrary rotation, leaning towards metal stumbling into post-rock and passing prog-rock. Lingering in ambient spheres with a clue to undertones of an electronic dimension.”
IIIA on the thought behind instrumentalism; Music for us is the most direct form of creative expression of moods with feelings and sensations for both artist and listener. IIIrd Alternative are exploring the possibilities that instrumental music offers in terms of not dictating or predefining the perception of the moods and feelings the listener should sense or feel. As we do not imply in words or pictures the thoughts and mood to the listener, we have the potential to create an atmosphere where an audience can have totally different experiences from the same source of communication.”
You can listen to IIIA by downloading the album from Band Camp, in any high resolution format and name your own price with no minimum, at the following link: IIIrd Alternative are now working on their second release, a live album from their performance at Aarhus Music Festival, aiming for a late summer release.

IIIrd Alternative are…
 Lars Evers – Guitar | Rasmus Frisenvang – Guitar | Daniel Malling Zederkoff – Guitar
Hamed Golchin – Bass |Simon Meiner – Drums

Track Listing:
2.Eye Against Eye
3.The Great Flood
4.Dark Rift
For any more information or to book an interview contact Xander at

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