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Playlist 17/04/15

April 17, 2014

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 17/04/15

Aerosmith – Home Tonight

Rob Reed – Spectral Mornings

Therapy? – Screamager

Four Year Strong – We All Float Down Here

Klogr – Breaking Down

The Gentle Storm – The Storm

Idle Frets – Aftershow

Black Moth – Looner

Blues Pills – Jupiter

Silenmara – Carbon Dated

Vulgate – The One Who Knocks

Witchgrinder – Bloodlust

The Lovely Eggs – Magic Onion

Perfect Fault – Headstrong

Ginger – (What Ever Happened To) Rock n Roll

Venrez – Children Of The Drones

Defy All Reason – Midnight Train

Sumo Cyco – Fighter

Bearfoot Beware – Thick Black Warpaint

The Kut – I Want You Maniac

InMe – Ivory Elder

Zodiac – Holding On (Live)

Anti-Flag – Sky Is Falling

Eva Plays Dead – Wonderland

La Shark – AAA

This Wild Life – Bound To Break

Heidevolk – Vinland

Motorhead – Hellraiser

Kamelot – Insomnia

Unleashed – Defenders Of Midgard

Spitfire – Fuel To Burn

Civil War – Bay Of Pigs

Sirenia – Once My Light

Pvris – St. Patrick

Lower Than Atlantis – Words Don’t Come So Easily

Idiom – True Story

Thomas Nicholas – Security

Allusondrugs – Am I Weird?


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