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Playlist 17/10/14

October 17, 2014


Aerosmith – No More No More

Voodoo Vegas – No More

Aeon Zen – The Entity

Within The Ruins – Gods Amongst Men

Polyphia – 87

The Sun Never Set – One Drop Of Blood And We’ll All See Red

Of Alies – In Screens

Anaal Nathrakh – Monstrum In Animo

Winger – Better Days Comin’

Revoction – Madness Opus

This Wild Life – Concrete

Carl Verheyen – Bloody Well Right/supertramp

Alunah – The Mask Of Herne

Amulet – Bloody Night

Annominus – Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

BTBAM – Goodbye To Everything & Reprise

Centrix – Moist Purple Skin

Collisions – Believe In This

My Extraordinary – Bite The Bullet

Scar Symmetry – Cryonic Harvest

Bury Tomorrow – The Torch

Engraved Disillusion – Embrace The Flames

The Reaper – Mark My Words

Roughneck Riot – Parasites

Allusondrugs – I Should Have Gone To Uni

Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods

Anthrax – In The End

Anti-Mortem – Truck Stop Special

Avatarium – All I Want

Aversions Crown – The Glass Sentiment

Meshuggah – Rational Gaze (Live)

Devilment – Even Your Blood Type Rejects Me

Amaranthe – Drop Dead Synical

Evil Scarecrow – The Book Of Doom

Foo Fighters –

Lordi – Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein


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