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Playlist 07/11/14

November 7, 2014

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 07/11/14

Aerosmith – Aint That a Bitch

-Soil interview Pt1

Soil – Breaking Me Down

-Soil interview Pt2

Soil – Way Gone

-Soil interview Pt3

Soil – The Hate Song

Ava Gace – II Years

Cannibal Corpse – Kill Or BecomeWolf borne – Livin’ The Life

-Wolfborne interview Pt1

Wolfborne – Sex Sells

-Wolfborne interview Pt2

Wolf borne – Stars Are Eyes

-Wolfborne interview Pt3

Wolfborne – Out In The Streets

-Wolfborne interview Pt.4

Wolfborne – Jellyfish

-Wolfborne interview Pt.5

-(hed) PE interview Pt1

(hed) PE – One More Body

-(hed) PE interview Pt2

(hed) PE – Bartender

-(hed) PE interview Pt3

(hed) PE – Killing Time

-(hed) PE interview Pt4

(hed) PE – Suck It Up

-(hed) PE interview Pt5

(hed) PE – Blackout

-(hed) PE interview Pt6

(hed) PE – Ground

-(hed) PE interview Pt7

(hed) PE – Serpent Boy

-(hed) PE interview Pt8

(hed) PE – I Got You

-American Head Charge interview Pt1

American Head Charge – Loyalty

-American Head Charge interview Pt2

American Head Charge – Dirty

Static-X – Black And White

Deathstars – The Perfect Cult

Job For A Cowboy – Sun Of Nihility


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