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Playlist 02/01/15

January 2, 2015

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 02/01/15

Aerosmith – Beyond Beautiful

Foo Fighters –  In The Clear

Sabaton – Metal Crüe

Delain – The Gathering

BattleBeast – Touch In The Night

Amon Amarth – Deceiver Of The Gods

Savage Mesiah – Shadow Bound

Motorhead – Hellraiser

Slipknot – The Blister Exists

Korn – Pop A Pill

King810 – Murder Murder Murder

Solefald – Bububu Bad Beuys

Lordi – Scare Force One

Channel Zero – Dark Passenger

Polar – Blood Lines

Aversions Crown – Vectors

Striker – Start Again

Scout Killers – Cease And Resist

Speaking In Shadows – Breaking Silence

Lost Atlanta – Into The Grey

Machine Head – Night Of Long Knives

Panzer – Panzer

Portrait – Blessed To Be Cursed

RAM – Welcome To My Funeral

Metal Moth – Moth To The Flame

Mother’s Finest – Shut Up

JD McPherson – Bossy

The Midnight Ghost Train – Gladstone

Storm The Sky – Portraits Ft. Matty Mullins

Thuulcandra – Exhalted Resistance

Falling In Reverse – God If You Are Above…

If These Trees Could Talk – They Speak With Knives

Kolo – Castro

Melechesh – Multiple Truths

Rivers Of Nihil – Place Of Serpents

Mallory Knox – When Are We Waking Up

Lonely The Brave – The Blue, The Green


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