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Playlist 16/01/15

January 16, 2015

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 16/01/15

Aerosmith – Line Up

Foo Fighters – Subterranean

Mable Greer’s Toyshop – Electric Funeral

Autograph – You Are Us We Are You

Scorpions – We Built This House

Phoenix Calling – Everybody Knows

Siskiyou – Wasted Genius

Motor Sister – This Song Reminds Me Of You

The Vintage Caravan – Craving

The Mezingers – In Remission

Sabaton – Metalizer

-Sabaton interview Pt.1

Sabaton – Attero Dominatus

-Sabaton interview Pt.2

Sabaton – Metal Crüe

-Sabaton interview Pt.3

Sabaton – Ghost Division

-Sabaton interview Pt.4

Sabaton – 40:1

-Sabaton interview Pt.5

Sabaton – Panzerkampf

-Sabaton interview Pt.6

Sabaton – Uprising

-Sabaton interview Pt.7

Sabaton – Aces In Exile

-Sabaton interview Pt.8

Sabaton – Carlous Rex

-Sabaton interview Pt.9

Sabaton – Resist And Bite

-Sabaton interview Pt.10

Sabaton – Night Witches

Trailight – A Thousand Years

Ensiferum – One Man Army

The Unguided – Eye Of The Thylacine

Skálmöld – Ao  Hausti

Allegaeon – Threshold Of Perception

Comeback Kid – Didn’t Even Mind

Hate – Valley Of Darkness


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