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Playlist 26/06/15

June 26, 2015

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 26/06/15

Aerosmith – Big Ten Inch Record

Kobra And The Lotus – Black Velvet

Shaman’s Harvest – Dirty Diana

Honey Desease – Neat Neat Neat

Eradikator – Mesmerised

The Love Buzzards – Cash

Red House Glory – So Easy

The Jacques – Artfl Didger

Fear Factory – Soul Hacker

Romans – Bet

We Came As Romans – The World I Used To Know

American Fangs – Bukkake Summer

Being As An Ocean – Sins Of The Father

Broken Hands – Meteor

Cradle Of Filth – Deflowering the Maidenhead, Displeasuring the Gods

Dew Scented – Ode To Extinction

She Must Burn – Eclipse

Editors – Marching In

Elasea – Lost In The Dark

Gus G – Burn

Jungle Rot – Paralyzed Prey

Kadavar – The Old Man

Offpeak – Feelings Stay The Same

Only Rivals – Sing

Orchid – Sign Of The Witch

Perfect Crimes – Black Cloud

Headfuzzy – Sing

Slayer – Repentless

AC/DC – Miss Adventure

Brant Bjork And The Low Desert Punk Band – Controllers Destroyed

Unleash The Archers – Tonight We Ride

Glowsun – Behind The Moon

Storms – Girl

Stramash – Bang Bang

Symphony X – Without You

Anti-Clone – Take This Pill

Tame Impala – Eventually

Tear The Heart Out – The Rejected

Tess Of The Circle – Love Is The Drug That You Crave

The Bunny The Bear – It’s Not Always Cold In Buffalo

The Great Discord – The Aging Man

? – New Years Day

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