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Playlist 29/01/16

January 29, 2016
The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 29/01/15
Queensryche – Jet City Woman

Amen – Nice To Be Here

Pugwall – Theme

Phychostick – Orange

Iron Maiden – Quest For Fire

Evil Scarecrow – End Level Boss

Oaf – Fuck Off Seagull

Rammstein = Feuer Frei!

OutCryFire – The Charge

RSJ – Nice Day Out

Evil Scarecrow – Robototron

Evil Scarecrow – Crabulon

Evil Scarecrow – Rise

Evil Scarecrow – Space Dementia

Evil Scarecrow – Galactus

Evil Scarecrow – Frankingsteins Mirror

RSJ – Delusions Of Popularity

Evil Scarecrow – Dance Of The Cyclops

Evil Scarecrow – Flight Of The Dragons

Evil Scarecrow – Enter The Nightmare


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