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Playlist 01/04/16

April 1, 2016

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 01/04/15

Aerosmith – Riff & Roll

Saxon – Solid Ball Of Rock

The International Swingers – Gun Control

Lock & Key – Hostile

Tess Of The Circle – Love Is The Drug You Crave

Metal Church – Reset

Banshee – Say My Name

HECK – Mope

Overkill – Down To The Bone

To The Rats And Wolves – Blackout

Aliases – Smile All You Like

Fallujah – Scar Queen

Broken Teeth HC – Nothing Like You

Mantar – Schwanenstein

Anti-Clone – Astoroth

Autumn Ruin – Tales

Colours – Monster

Colt 45 – All Hell Broke Loose

Conquer Rio – Be My Lady

Bellevue Days – Pepper Tea

Continents – Life Of Misery

Conveyer – Haven

Crazy Town – Born To Raise Hell

Criminal – Animals To Gods

Abandoned By Bears – Good Terms

Shotgun Revolution – City Of Fire

Raving Maniac – Rock And Roll Man

ELO – Mr Blue Sky

Butcher Babies – Monsters Ball

Sumo Cyco – Fighter

Patent Pending – Riot Hearts Rebellion

Wolfmother – Back Around

The Algorithm – Pointers

Penny Black Remedy – 96 Charing Cross Road

Magnum – Live ’Til You Die

Blind Gaurdian – Into The Storm

Coldrain – Time Bomb

Double Experience – Thumbsucker

[Spunge] – Change Of Scene

Rammstein – Du Riechst Su Gut

Lawnmower Deth – Egg Sandwich

Avatar – Hail The Apocalypse

Ghost – Spirit

Gojira – Of Blood And Salt

Delain – Electricity

Breaking Benjamin – Until The End


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