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Playlist 26/08/16

August 26, 2016

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 26/08/16

Aerosmith – Seasons Of Wither

Dust Bolt – Allergy

Be’Lakor – The Smoke Of Many Fires

Earth Ship – Red Leaves

If These Trees Could Talk – Earth Crawler

Jim Breuer And The Loud & Rowdy – Thrash

Poison Headache – Sin Eater

Hacktivist – Taken

Autumn Ruin – We Make Our Own Damn Luck

Crobot – Welcome To Fat City

Vader – Parabellum

Palace Of The King – Beyond The Valley

Falls – Swarm

Whiskey Myers – Lightening Bugs And Rain

Fraktions – Panic ft Kaan Tasan no consequence

Carcer City – Sovereign

Kingbreaker – Bury The Witness

Operation: Mindcrime – A Smear Campaign

Brutai – Of Ashes

Damn Pigeon – Starlight

Charred Walls Of The Damned – The Soulless

Carnifex – Six Feet Closer To Hell

Equilibrium – Prey

Fractal Cypher- Lost

The Spirfires – On My Mind

Wolf Hoffmann – Night On A Bald Mountain


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