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Playlist 16/09/16

September 16, 2016

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 16/09/16

Aerosmith – Rats In The Cellar

Iggy Pop – Gardenia

Charred Walls Of The Damned – My Eyes

New Device – Strung Out

Destrage – Symphony Of The Ego

Bad Llama – The Wolf You Feed

Monkey 3 – Moon

The Dreamer Within – Purge

8Kids – Dåmonen

The Moon Kids – Popcorn Bullshit

Bloody Hammers – The Reaper Comes

Audiotopsy – LYLAB

The Alchemy – Modern Age

Diamond Head – Shout At The Devil

Zodiac – Animal

Discharge – Raped & Pillaged

Scorpion Child – My Woman In Black

Blind Guardian – Prophecies

Jinjer – Just Another

Schemata Theory – Horror Show

Strange Collective – Heavy

Fallujah – Abandon

Nervosa – Intolerance Means War

Kanzler & Sohn – Sheiss Drauf

Surgical Meth Machine – I Don’t Wanna

Siegmen – Mot I Brystet

Grand Magus – Forged In Iron, Crowned In Steel

Textures – Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand

Evil Invaders – Rainsing Hell

Stream Of Passion – Passion

The Agonist – The Chain

Fleshgod Appocalypse – The Fool

Mayan – Symphony Of Aggression

Katatonia – Deliberation

Epica – Edge Of The Blade

Psychostick – So Heavy

Whispered – Our Voice Shall Be Heard

Massive – Blood Money Blues

Mystery Jets – The World Is Overtaking Me


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