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Playlist 22/03/17

March 22, 2017

Bands Over Breakfast: M2TM Special – TotalRock, 22/06/17

Semi-finals 1 winners:

Deathflux interview

 Deathflux – Bludgeon

 Deathflux – Consume

Raised By Owls interview

 Raised By Owls – Hindley

 Raised By Owls – Scary Spice Has A Gangrenous Arm

 Raised By Owls – You’ve Been Mary Buried

 Raised By Owls – Harry Potter And The Curse Of The Student Loan

 Raised By Owls – David Camerons Favourite Band Is Pig Destroyer

 Raised By Owls – The Art Of Queuing

 Raised By Owls – Ross Kemp On Gang Bangs

Beckon Lane interview

 Beckon Lane – Fair Enough

 Beckon Lane – Long Way Round


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