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16/04/17 – TotalRock Takeover: The Sal

April 16, 2017


The first in the series of TotalRock Takeovers in Nottingham I went to The Old Salutation, home of Wildside, as they had an opening. I decided to put together a band of local musicians and play one of my favourite albums, ‘Toxicity’.

The band consisted of:

Guitars: Richard Shaw (Cradle of Filth), Tom Clark (DeathFlux, Cacodaemonic), Bass: Paul Shelley (Baby Godzilla/HECK), Drums: Myself.

Vocals: Paul Smith (Patriot Rebel), Patrick MacDonald (DeathFlux/Cacodaemonic), Aiden Roker (Lycan), Phil Tide (Taken By The Tide), Matt Reynolds and Johnny Hall (Baby Godzilla/HECK).

DJ: Krazy Doug and myself (TotalRock).


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