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Eluveitie – ‘Omnos’ [Single]

May 6, 2009

226917ELUVEITIE – ‘OMNOS’ [Single]

17th April 2009

Nuclear Blast

“New wave of folk metal” claims the bands MySpace. If you head there now you can hear the music truly is folk metal, sounds great, such as the first track, ‘Blood Stained ground’ and ‘Grey Sublime Archon’, but the first release from the new album, ‘Omnos’, is unlike the other material, as this is from the new acoustic concept album.

It’s a good poppy track with a catchy chorus, but I far more prefer the ‘folk Metal’ material. Not simply because it is metal, I’m not that narrow minded, I feel the riff’s and structuring more pleasing, and are complimented well with the folk instruments such as pipes, fiddles and a hurdygurdy! But I do believe experimentation and change is a good thing and for a band to feel comfortable to branch out in new ways is admirable. Diversity is a great tool, I’d certainly try catch this band live!” ★★★✩✩


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