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Great Immitation – An Immitation Party [EP] & Live

May 12, 2009

Great Imitation

An Imitation Party [EP]

May 2009

If Nostradamus had been in possession of just a little foresight, he’d have used his predictive capabilities properly; instead of prophecising all that apocalyptic, doom laden hoopla, he would have focused his talent for divination on the world of lite-entertainment; specifically the pop-charts & had that been the case, then it’s an incontrivertble possibility that ‘Les Prophecies’ might have featured a chapter called Great Imitation.

Xander say’s…

My first exposure to the Great Imitation (will now be referred to as GI) was supporting my own band, Badaxe, earlier this year. The two piece brought down their CD which was played earlier on in the night, and I truly did not understand why they were billed. Acoustic rap from a tubby guy and Joe90?! Well the second GI step on the stage, it is instantly filled with presence and an aura truly magical and rare. The onstage antics and sweat is probably the main attraction to GI rather than the music, but this does go hand in hand for the band. They instantly trap you, allowing the lyrical content to grip you, and if it doesn’t, front vocalist, James, certainly will grip you, literally!

Standing behind a mic stand will only be a sight for guitarist, Ryan, as James has more than stage presence, his crowd interaction, dare I say it, would be a challenge for even Freddy Mercury to match. GI gigs are dubbed ‘parties’ and the atmosphere certainly confirms this. Most songs will either have you singing along or clapping along, either way you’ll definitely be dancing along!

The band have barely been in existence a year and a big buzz is really snowballing for them. To add to this GI now sport a full band. Initially I was a little dubious as I quite liked the act acoustically, this uncertainty instantly flew out the window upon their first performance as a four piece. I was stunned, which is outstanding for a band that already amazes! The sound feel so full with a solid rhythm from all.

The first EP from the band is a great effort to start with, though recorded before the addition of band members, so the next EP will certainly be a release to look forward to. I especially like the timbre of Ryan’s voice, the vocals from both have been recorded well and, providing there is a good sound system, live they will have you smiling muchly. Track’s to look out for live ‘real Men Hit Things’ and recorded ‘Stay Gold Ponyboy’.

EP – ★★★✩✩ | Live – ★★★★★

Tina say’s…

I cast my mind back to last December. A new two-piece band appeared on the stage at my local. A guy I went to school with weilding an acoustic guitar and a slightly camp Russell Brand/Noel Fielding-esque frontman. I don’t think anyone could have predicted what the next thirty minutes or so would entail. By the end of their set I had laughed so much I cried and I actually had goosebumps. And so began my obession with Great Imitation.

Since then I have seen them countless times and have never been disappointed with their performance. More recently they have increased from a two to a four-piece band (adding a drummer and bassist into the mix). Every single performance is awash with sheer energy, comedy, enthusiasm and sweat(!) as the band go from strength to strength.

‘An Imitation Party’ is a fantastic debut EP, perfectly illustrating what the band are about and it brilliantly illuminates the outstanding potential of Great Imitation. James’ intelligent word-smithery is perfectly complimented by Ryan’s memorable, choral melodies.

‘Poisoned Kisses at the Village Fete’ is a fantastic foot-tapping, head-bopping opening track that is guaranteed to have you singing along. ‘If Carpet Man Don’t Dance, Carpet Man Don’t Eat’ (aka ‘Incompetent Earth, Wind and Fire covers band with Bernard Manning on Vocal’s for those familiar with the band’s live shows) is my personal favourite. From the very first time I heard it I just fell in love with the chorus. ‘Crutches’ introduces us to a spell-binding melancholy sound that is nonetheless just as captivating. No Great Imitation CD would be complete without the anthemic ‘Stay Gold Ponyboy’ which is very much a firm favourite amongst fans. ‘Real Men Hit Things’ is a spine-tingling display of a more serious side to the band as they explore the dark subject of domestic violence. Finally ‘Wage Slaves of the World Unite’ is a taste of real life that I think we can all relate to!

From the beginning, I’ve always been a huge Great Imitation fan. A band that are difficult to define, they can’t really be boxed into a genre. Listening to their CD and seeing them live are two completely different experiences and I heartily recommend that you do both!

EP – ★★★★★ | Live – ★★★★★


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