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Sanguine – Live, Consume, Drive [EP]

May 15, 2009


Live Consume Drive [EP], April 2009

After a string of raging performances and stunning reviews, Sanguine quickly developed a reputation for energetic and intimidating live shows. This impact was not just restricted to audiences; other bands were left stunned that a female fronted act could carve something new into the alternative rock and metal scene. On two occasions the headlining bands refused to follow Sanguine’s show.

Xander says…
I first discovered the band on TotalRock radio and instantly became almost like a crazed Back Street Boys fan, is there anything else like Sanguine? Well, maybe, but I haven’t heard it so no! Technically I heard the name Sanguine due to a scheduled support slot with Sad Season, featuring Mikee of SikTh, though due to a naff PC at the time, I didn’t bother having a look. Big mistake! Sanguine quickly became my obsession of 2008 and I managed to bag a show in January 09 at The Gaff (London). I tried not to get my hopes up, not because I thought they would disappoint, just cuz that’s what I do, either you don’t get disappointed or you have a better time. But that failed and I couldn’t wait, luckily they do kick ass live too.

Now onto the review! Sure I am biased as I love the band, but obviously I wouldn’t like them if they weren’t good! The title track, Live Consume Drive, kicks straight in, no messing about. The guitars sound fantastically chuggy it makes me indulge with my bass, not that i can play, but the riffs are that tasty and inviting I feel the need vent the energy created. The drumming is what I like to call ‘a good frame’. If you compare music to a bed, the frame holds it all together, and a good one doesn’t squeak when you rock it, a solid rhythm and effective composure. This leaves me left with the vocals and I don’t think I can give Tarin justice. If you ever needed proof demons were angels, here it is! Sure woman can scream/growl, but there’s something more than the average scream here. This is then accompanied by angelic vocals to amazement of not only the ranges achieved but the ability to switch between the two styles so flippantly. I am in absolute ore of the vocals especially in tracks such as Simplify and Territory, the tracks have great energy and emotion, which is a great achievement to capture on record, and as a bonus, if buy buy the physical copy of this EP, you also get a DVD, which includes the video for the title track, written and created by the band themselves. I’m really impressed with the quality, it looks fantastic, especially for a home made video! kudos where due! nothing else i can say but…

Tina says…
I remember when Nik first sent me a link to the Sanguine myspace page and I was pretty impressed by what I heard.

The title track of Sanguine’s EP, Live Consume Drive opens with a thrashy burst of screaming vocals and guitar. Immediately you are drawn into the sheer energy of this band (an energy that doesn’t falter at all across the 3 tracks on offer) and it’s easy to see why they are quickly gaining critical acclaim within the metal scene. This EP provides a slick mix of thrashy guitars, hard-hitting, tight drum-beats and stunning vocals. Tarin’s ability to fluctuate seamlessly between screaming and singing in somewhat sultry tones is, to say the least, impressive! And to add to her vocal talents she’s also a very foxy lady!

For me, Sanguine are definitely one to look out for live.


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