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Playlist 18/05/09

May 18, 2009
The Launch Pad – NWL Radio, 1/05/09
Aerosmith – Walk On Water
Joe Walsh – Rocky Mountain Way
ZZ Top – GImme All Your Lovin’
Pink Floyd – Have A Cigar
Faith No More – Epic
Sepultura – Sepulnation
Nirvana – In Bloom
Heaven & Hell – Bible Black
Mastodon – Divinations
Tetrafusion – Gravity
Heaven’s Basement – Can’t Let Go
Sanguine – Territory
SikTh – Sanguine Sea’s Of Bigotry
Shinedown – Sound Of Madness
Opeth – The Grand Conjuration
Of The I – Single Units
Amon Armoth – Cry Of The Blackbirds
Satyricon – K.I.N.G
Deathstars – Blood Stains Blondes
Moonspell – Luna
In Flames – Delights And Angers
Chimaira – Secrets Of The Dead
Zealot – A Quiet Groan
Stuka Squadron – We Drink Blood
We Rock Like Girls Don’t – Violence
Electrical Language – He Wants You for The Weekend
Eluveitie – Omnos
Arch Enemy – We Will Rise
Inner Rage – Disarray
Sanguine – Territory
Deftones – The Chauffer (cover)
Beholder – Never Take Us Down
Haken – Sleeping Thoughts Awake

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