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Tank (Sweden, 2009)

June 8, 2009

On The Road With… TANK (Sweden Rock Festival – June 2009).

Thursday 4th.

I headed down to London, parked up at Joels in Maida Vale and tubed over to TotalRock towers to sit in with MattCryFire. After the show I had half an hour to get back before my parking ran out, but surprise surprise I ran into problems, my debit card decided to cancel itself and I was unable to top up my oyster. So, with ten minutes to spare, Malcolm lent me some funds, and I arrived at my car just as the traffic warden walked away from giving me a ticket, argh!!! So basically the money I made that night photographing, which I needed for Download, now pays off the parking ticket.
Managed to fit nearly all Of The I’s band equipment into the car, bar a couple of guitars, and made my way back central to Leicester Square, parked up in Soho Square, then back to TR to produce Anarchy On The Airwaves with Mad Maz, guesting Liberation Of Colour from Israel, via Austria. Ran back to Leicester Square, met with Emma and Maz Star, and watched/photographed a fantastic set from Of The I, good stuff!
Back to Pach‘s with all the gear and a random conversation/debate about pasta tasting different depending on the shape.

Friday 5th.

Over to some where near Heathrow for the meeting point. Mick’s, already there, Andy was picking up Cliff the Riff, Chris Dale and Doogie White. Slept in the van to Stansted and arrived in good time, just need the drummer! I bought a bottle of Dr.Pepper for £2, Mark Brabbs arrived, we checked in, then went to the metal detectors where they confiscated my brand new bottle of Dr.Pepper, because you’re only allowed 100ml!!! So why the hell do they sell it before the gates, you would have thought they’d tell you when you’re buying!

Long wait to board, got a row at the back of the plane to our selfs though. tried to sleep. Arrived at Coppenhagen, is a pretty massive airport with a lot of wood! Two Mini bus between us, one of the drivers looked a bit crazy, turned out she was, trying to read a map whilst driving! Thankfully I went in the other van, we drove over the big bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden, then I slept! We had about a 3 hour journey, and turns out out hotel if 45 minutes north of the festival, so we actually had to drive past it to get there. It was a site I’d not seen before, wedged between the coast and the road, people camped in the woods, locals gardens, roads filled with people. I didn’t see the point in going to the hotel, we should have just gone straight to the festival and catch some bands, rather then miss out 2 hours. The hotel was massive, actually had two parts to it, the walk to our room was in the second building, took about ten minutes to get there, I gest not! Nice though, no idea where we are! lol

Back to the festival starting in the backstage bar, met some random ladies, cuaght a bit of Motorhead, only cuz they were on but actually sounded alright, then wondered and saw Johnny Winter, fantastic blues rock! Back to the backstage bar with some popcorn and bumped back into the the random gals who are the editor and writter of Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine!
We arranged to leave at 11.30pm so I could catch some of In Flames, unfortunately they were running well too late and didn’t catch any of them at all! So back to the hotel for a quiet drink, Cliff got merry!

Saturday 6th.

Early start as we had to be there for 9am made a start on the rider and then started setting up the drums great weather this morning, compared to the rain of the rest of the week. Tank opened the Sweden Stage to a decent crowd for the beginning of the day which fantastically filled as they played!

Finished off the rider, went for a fantastic meal at the festival, reindeer tastes pretty good, like smoked ham!

Next off to a different hotel, 45 minutes south of the festival, so again 2 hours out f the day, but good for going to the airport in the morning. We got out of the minibus to autograph hunters and Vinny Appice of Heaven And Hell.

When we got back to the festival it was really cold and I didn’t have a coat. I did plan on seeing a few bands, but was just too cold, backstage bar didn’t even have heaters. spent most of the night talking to Pernilla and Tess from the magazine, and their family. Pernilla wants me to marry her oldest daughter, lol. Back to the hotel early, the after party was actually at a club in the hotel, but still 2 hours till that started, so off to bed!

Sweden Rock was really nice, such a relaxed atmosphear and not too overcrowded. A great spectrum of old rockers, young metallers and their kids in prams too! A shame that the hotels were so far out, I would have been happy to stay at one of the holiday chalets at the camp next door! And also a great variety of rock, from classic, blues, heavy, thrash, glam and probably every thing in between.

The most serreal thing was driving into sun rise at 11.30pm!


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