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Bloodstock-Open-Air 2009

August 17, 2009

Bloodstock-Open-Air 2009

THE FUEL GIRLS were everything you can want and then some! High octane champagne fuelled sexy and rockin show. In person they were kind and sweet and very laid back; conversation was easy (or I was more drunk than I realised).

MILLION DOLLAR RELOAD being a rock n roll band on a metal bill sure had big boots to fill and succeeded with a worthy effort. M$R worked hard to ensure the crowd were warmed up for the rest of the fest with their hard riffs and striking vocals.
BLOODSHOT DAWN sprung out from now where, chuggy riffs, shredding solos, intricate blast beats, deep throaty vocals; playing hard and partying hard with a mighty sound.
SNAKEBITE followed with their ballsy badass groove metal setting a great standard with 100% effort.
ALTERNATIVE CARPARK looked a little sheepish waiting to start, only to take the lambs to the slaughter upon kick off, bouncing around to their jumpy groove rhythms to a crowd singing back to them.
BLINDFOLDS ASIDE I felt maybe were a little disappointed with the initial turnout, though this only lasted a track or two, the audience continually filled, and this ended up be the trend for the weekend. A heavy set compared to what I am used to from the band, good direction but just need a slight fine-tuning.
ACP then did an acoustic set at the Jagermeister stage, wow! This could not have sounded any better and worked so well.
VALLENBROSA have a sound so well structured. Tight and solid heavy groove rock to finish off the night at the unsigned stage.
ARCH ENEMY brought everything you’d expect, note perfect melodic death. The atmosphere was like being at a party in a field, the band were having fun as were the crowd.

UNCLE ROTTER were even better than I expected, live their songs were a whole lot tighter and polished. Fantastic stage presence too!
NIYAH SKY was probably the youngest on the bill and certainly the funkiest. Deep grooves and pleasing vocals.
SWITCHBLADE SCREAM stormed the stage with their strong vocals and shredding solos. Power metal with a front man worthy of Dio status.
INTERNAL CONFLICT ripped up the stage with their brutal riffs, wailing solos and gnarly vocals.
SANCTORUM cleared up the mess to make their own carnage of brutal metal and a massive axe of a 7 string bass!
INNER EDEN opened with a few problems, but they sure made up for the hitches with their heavy melodic sound. Vocals were way more stringer than I anticipated, and a nice addition from a keytar!
O.M.T. had a good feeling of bounce to their groove and fantastic strong vocals, pure metal!
SOLSIKK were actually more laid back than I was expecting so their placement wasn’t exactly great, especially clashing with Kreator, none the less they persevered with a tight heavy rock sound and astonishing vocal range.
SEVERED HEAVEN are the best female metal band, ever – FACT! I am critical of female drummers but this lass slapped me in the face with her sticks. Vocals were the best I’ve heard live from any black metal band.

BEHOLDER started the Sunday morning service with a fist to the air and a full field joining them. This is the best I have seen them so far, tight solid and so well structured, lapping up the love from the crowd.
SABATON, wow. I knew nothing of them until there and then, high energy anthemic battle metal, and the drummer had a head mic! hehe.
GIRLSCHOOL were just great, lots of fun on stage on a sunny Sunday afternoon, they’re not the longest running female band for no reason!
ANATHAMA were less rocking than I hoped for, but interesting none the less.
TURISAS were as could be expected, good fun! They belong at this festival and have a great show and sound.
MOONSPELL worked very hard in proving why they’re are Portugal’s greatest product with the sun still shinning strong through a great set and arms constantly in the air.
SATYRICON were my band of the festival, I was beaming throughout. Great tracks, sound, lighting and energy. Wasn’t so keen on the last track, music was lost in the blast beats. Regardless I enjoyed the whole set immensely!
EUROPE performed well, the new tracks sounded great. No messing about just got straight on with the show, pretty cool to see them after all these years. The Final Countdown was note perfect.

The festival atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. The crowds were there for the right reasons and it was the right crowd. The capacity was not overcrowded which meant you could breathe and get about. The market was on the smaller side, but there are only so many shops you can have without it all being repeated really. Nothing comes to mind that could do with improving and I am seriously thinking it was the best festival I have ever been to!


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