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Shadows Fall – Retribution

August 23, 2009
Shadows Fall – Retribution
15th September 2009
Spinefarm Records
Xander says…
I felt Shadows Fall kind of lost what they were doing a couple of albums ago, the songs felt like mindless music just for the sake of it, though to their credit live shows always remained strong. To my surprise, the band have rose above and created something I can only think of as… spot on!
The album incorporates a recipe of thrash metal beats, hardcore riffs and metalcore breakdowns. Vocals for me are much stronger in terms of passion and structure. Literally all the tracks on Retribution have a solid structure and a standard of what you would expect from a band on their 6th album. A similar tone is set throughout showing the band has direction and is able to communicate this. My first listen caused me to instantly listen again, tracks that stand out so far include Embrace Annihilation and A Public Execution. I fully recommend Retribution to every SF fan, new and old, and it will certainly have a comfy place in every metal heads collection!

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