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Aghast – Afterlife Crisis [EP]

August 23, 2009

Aghast – Afterlife Crisis [EP]


I’ll stick my hand up and admit I’m not a death metal fan, but recently there has been a few bands that have slipped into my radar. I had no choice with Aghast! I was playing a short gig with Badaxe at a comedy night in the basement at The Shed. Whilst I’m setting up my kit in the stairwell out storms this wall of a blast beat riffing jugganaught of a machine, shaking the entire venue, and it sounded pretty sweet! I was captivated by the power and drawn to what felt like a wall of sound beckoning me in. The guitars, whilst not over the top, are deliciously intricate and I think what draws me to this band is the chugginess and textures of the rhythms.

The new EP, Afterlife Crisis, displays the bands sound as some thing extra then just a death metal band, and there is more to it! I’ll be narrow minded enough to go ahead and say that a fair bit of death metal is just pure mindless noise, regardless of the quality of the musicians, Aghast have put in some tweaks and perks and have really though about what they’re doing, not to say other death metal bands don’t, but listening to these tracks it really shows and I believe their hard work has paid off!

EP:★★★✩✩ | LIVE:★★★★★


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