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Heaven’s Basement (Live)

September 4, 2009

The Diamond, Sutton In Ashfield – 03/09/09

Tonight I’ll finally catch Heavens Basement after missing them several times, and also I’ll get to check out the new drummer for Suicide Tuesday.
The atmosphere in the venue before the doors open is quite relaxed and calm. The Suicide Tuesday guys have a bit of banter, still breaking in the new drummer, Mick, whilst HB get their levels. The demeanor of all here is pretty chilled and happy. ST have adjusted well with the newcomer and he seems to have settled in well, proven in sound check with his instant tightness with the group.

Suicide Tuesday – There was no a huge kick of ‘here we are’, more of a friendly ‘Hi there, welcome to our show’, but these friendly guys certainly warmed you to their performance. Whilst the music is tight and flowing more smooth than I have see before, I felt more energy was needed to fill the stage and increase their presence. However, this I am sure will come from the more solid line up in time as they obviously have the skill and ability, proven by a welcome encore. ★★★★✩

Abandoned – Having sound checked with a cover I was unsure what to expect, sound and style wise. I have to say it was a pleasant surprise. The music was effectively straight forward, well written and well rehearsed to point of a tightness meaning they can relax on stage. The band have a great local following and certainly brought the girls out front! ★★★✩✩

Heaven’s Basement – I can’t say a single bad thing and don’t know if I can even give them justice! A high octane passion fueled orgasmic hard rocking performance, honestly one of the best I’ve witnessed. There’s no messing about, the band hit hard with song after song. Great crowd involvement and what a crowd they have, packed from front to back and singing almost every word to every song.
Lead guitarist, Sid, I believe will be bigger than Slash, vocals to die for from Richie, a rhythm section more rocking than a boat and talk about drumming, solid as a rock! ★★★★★


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