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The Grit (Live)

September 4, 2009
The Grit – 03/09/09
The Old Bell Hotel, DerbyIn with a bang and these guys get straight on with the show. I’ve seen The Grit before, but not as a full show, so I was particularly excited to see them tonight. Though they were minus Charley Boy on the acoustic guitar, they made up for the missing member with pure brute energetic sing along punk/psycholbilly.
The Geordie charm was working well tonight for the bands first performance in Derby and they transformed the crowd from quiet and hanging about into a chanting dancing machine!
The band have many great qualities such as a fantastic vocal dynamics from alternate singers and backing vocals, harmonies and chants, Lil Man Kurts unique upright bass playing, and the most solid hard banging drumming I’ve seen for punk style drummer. An instant call for encore proved their instant likability followed by a tight cover of ‘Pressure Drop’ that confirmed their abilities. This band, you must see!!


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