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Skindred (Live)

October 2, 2009
Skindred – 01/10/09
The Rescue Rooms, NottinghamUnfortunately due to such an early start and the DxA interview, I only caught the last minute of Aussies Karnivool, but they sounded pretty kick ass, a less intense Tool perhaps? The bass at this venue is pretty heavy and almost makes implode, and that’s just from the music playing in-between acts, so I had a feeling tonights sound wouldn’t be great, and it wasn’t, but that didn’t effect the bands performance.

Dead By April were so much more brutal and high energy than I was expecting. It did confuse me occasionally when a backing track filled in for some of the layers of vocals which I would have though they would have done them selves. This almost made me question were they actually playing or not, as they were performance was very tight and well rehearsed. But, as they said in the interview, for them coming over here, it’s like starting over all again from the bottom, so they do have something to prove. Jamie’s screaming stunned me only to then astound me at how good his singing voice is also, this added to Pontus’ almost angelic tones makes for a great vocal set up. ★★★✩✩
Skindred had to contend playing to a room smaller than they’re used to, and I think they enjoyed the challenge. You know that at any Skindred you’re gonna get jumping, well they even got the floor bouncing at The rescue Rooms, literally, I was actually perturbed by this! Added with perhaps no air con, massive bass and an un-padded metal pole with only me between it and the rest of the audience, the night could have been quite poor to be honest, thankfully, there was a lineup great enough to not dwell on these negative points. I was literally wet all over from my sweat and other people sweat, it really was that hot, it looked like we were all at a foam party. We know how funny Benji can be, but tonight he concentrated on getting personal with everyone and getting some dancing action. That said, the crowd didn’t’ stop for one minute, jumping, head banging, moshing, fisting the air and I think the only thing that didn’t happen was any crowd surfing, makes a change! This was actually the 6th time I’ve seen the band and I’m really glad to have seen them at such an intimate venue, certainly at this stage in their career.

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