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Papa Roach (Live)

October 8, 2009

Papa Roach with Madina Lake and Heaven’s Basement – 07/10/09
Rock City, Nottingham

I arrived at Rock City about 4.15 for my interview with Heaven’s Basement. Jonny Rocker took me into the main hall, which was interesting to see empty, clean and full of flight cases and equipment. I ended up waiting for 2.5 hours whilst they did the longest ever sound check with still no interview. This was now loosely organized for after the show; the army of bar staff swamped in, stack the fridges and within ten minutes the main floor was packed with young kids. I noticed that all the younger members of the audience went straight to the barrier whilst the older members went straight to the bar!

HEAVEN’S BASEMENT came out to a cheering crowd who clapped, cheered and jumped from beginning to end. This little band made the Rock City stage look small and appropriately warmed up this excitable crowd. ★★★★✩

I’m not particularly a fan of MADINA LAKE, but was surprised how many songs I knew of theirs, and they have a great front man! I was impressed how well Nathan maintained his vocals whilst jumping about the stage with bare feet. The lyrics were full of passion and they certainly have a passion for their home town, Chicago. Backing vocals perhaps questionable and guitarist, Mateo, only had little sprouts of energy but played seamlessly. Great effort all around. ★★★✩✩

PAPA ROACH were on absolute top form tonight. It goes to show that Nottingham really has a great live crowd and that playing at Rock City can bring the best out of any band, even one that has sold over 10 million albums world wide. I honestly don’t think I have seen a band have some much fun performing and enjoy it so much as if the crowd was of their closest friends. Jacoby was beaming throughout the set which was reminiscent of their Download performance earlier this year, featuring most of their singles and songs off the fifth realise, Metamorphosis. Not too much time was wasted before returning for the encore and we were even treated to a little bogey on stage once the lights were up, concluding one of the best gigs I’ve seen at Rock City! ★★★★★


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