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Playlist 15/04/10

April 15, 2010
The Metal Lunchbox – TotalRock, 15/04/10

Aerosmith – Jaded
Sons Of Albion – I Feel You
The Sonic Graffiti – Mystery Song
Periphery – This Sentence Is False
Slash – Crucify The Dead
Bullet For My Vallentine – Begging For Mercy
The Empire Shall Fall – Awaken
Soulfly – Rise At The Fallen
Slayer – Bloodline
Corrded – Time And Again
The Flood – Flood
Type O Negative – Everyone I Love Is Dead
Slash – Promise
Rise To Remain – Brides Will Burn
Fozzy – Martyr No More
Finntroll – Under Bergets Rot
Breed77 – Zombie
Black Robot – Badass
Slash – Nothing To Say
Winterhorde – Tenth Wave
Karnivool – All I Know
In Flames – Take This Life
Killswitch Engage – My curse
Slash – Hold On
Black Tide – Shockwave
Baroness – Isac
Queens Of The Stone Age – Monsters In The Parasol
Mastodon – Crystal Skull
Slash – Doctor Alibi
Swashbuckle – Rounds Of Rum
Rolling Stones – Paint It Black


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