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Jurojin – The Living Measure Of Time

May 11, 2010


Majestic Elder Recordings

10th May 2010

This self release can quite possibly be THE self release of the year! Each member of the band is truly magnificent, see them live and you will see for your self. They’re even that good that rock violinist, Anna-Phoebe, has hired them as her backing band, in return she also occasional features in a few songs with them live. As a full band the heavier stuff has strong power chords and riffs but then striped down a level to acoustic and my word, they will blow you away! Again, this is mimicked in Anna-Phoebe’s band, along with a part time tabla, Sim, player for both groups.

So the album starts with an intro that appears to warm us up for what is about to ensue, though you’re not entirely sure what will come next. Well, it’s a drum fill intro to The Scars, a fast paced hard rocking track with a melodic and catchy chorus and riffs, proceeded by the equally rocky track, The Liar. Perhaps worth noting at this point that for the album the band recruited Heights and TesseracT drummer, Jay Postones, with whom I had the pleasure of seeing them play together back in mid 2009. Since then until mid 2010, having now recruited a full time drummer, Francesco, the band have being playing a string of acoustic shows around London.

So here is where the album turns so beautifully into acoustic and indian. Proem breaks right down with delicate harmonies, total chill! I even love that you hear the vocal count in a gap. The Winter is kind of a heavy chill, if that could exist, and fits perfectly in the middle of the album. The Equinox brings us back to acoustic and tabla and smoothly brings us back to heavy, a beautiful mix of both in one track and a perfect display of the skill and quality of bassist, Yves. We are then left with one of my favourite songs of 2010, The Dreaming. Everything about it is good; gentle  power, strong vocals, heavy riffs, and the most magnificent 2 minute soft ending – like a dream.

★★★★★  Album of the Week, 11/05/10


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