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Playlist 13/05/10

May 13, 2010
The Metal Lunchbox – TotalRock, 13/05/10

Aerosmith – Eat The Rich
Third Eye Blind – Don’t Believe A Word
Craig Maher – Propel
Faith No More – Smaller And Smaller
Ghosts In Mirrors – Across The Seas And Oceans
Winterhorde – Tenth Wave
Wishbone Ash – Reason To Believe
Ozzy Osbourne – Crazt Train
Bullet Boys – Hard As A Rock
Powerman 5000 – Show Me What You’ve Got
Karma To Burn – Waiting On The Western World
Lamb Of God – Ruin
Jacky Heretic – We Wreck All That Is Beautiful
Theory Of A Deadman – So Happy
Bleeding Through – Anti-hero
Nevermore – Born
Triaxis – Lies
Exhalt Cycle – Wring My Blood
Stone Temple Pilots – Between The Lines
Kiss – Love Gun
Volbeat – Pool Of Booze Booze Booza
Vince Neal – Tattoos And Tequila
Jet Black – Get Your Hands Dirty
(sic) Monic – Till The Morning Light
Buckcherry – All Night Long
Godsmack – Cryin’ Like A Bitch
Satyricon – Black Crow On A Tomb Stone
Grand Magus – I Am The Jury
Soulfly – Rise at The Fallen
Imicus – Visceral
Here There Be Monsters – Trojans
Reel Big Fish – Monkey Man
Queens Of The Stone Age – Someones In The Wolf
President Of The United States Of America – Lump
Sabaton – Cliffs Of Gillipoli
Swashbuckle – Rounds Of Rum


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