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Imicus – Animal Factory

June 8, 2010


Transcend Records

24th May 2010

The album kicks off with the title track, Animal Factory, setting the pace for the album. I find the album atmospheric and in places dark, aided by the vocals of Andrew Miller, even occasionally haunting with echoes and delays. This can be heard well in the breakdown to Visceral, their first single back in 2009. A great catchy song, though for me the middle 8 is about a middle 16, too long! Then comes the bounce with Inveigle which went down very well live at Download Festival 2010, but come the chorus you start to see a pattern emerging in that the chorus for the songs are very similar

You may think the album could then be repetitive but it is very solid and the riffs set the tracks apart. Precise drumming from (now guitarist) Dale Chapman and subtle guitar layers along with Dan Baker and flowing solos along with a groovy, hard and smooth bass lines from a Mr. Steve Parker show this bands high quality ability to write good songs – for example, The Butterfly Effect, with a striking solo, groovy riff and bass line. I really like this song.

The album is great to drive to, especially on a rainy day. It works when you’re happy and it is also pretty good to do the hoovering to (turn it up loud of course!!) I look forward to more great stuff form this band.

★★★✩✩  Album of the Week, 08/06/10


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