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KoRn – KoRn III

July 13, 2010

KoRn – KoRn III

13th July 2010

Roadrunner Records

An odd intro to the album but meh, mustn’t dwell. KoRn III properly kicks off full of that nice low guitar drone and padded really well with percussion – Ray Luzier‘s first with the band (not surprising the band made him their drummer after seeing his performance at Download Festival 2009). In fact that is quite the feel for the majority of the album. Sounding a little like the band have gone back to their routes, even bringing in the producer of the first two Korn albums, Ross Robinson.

All the tracks on this album stand out and it’s certain to be one of my favourite albums of the year, which really makes reviewing this hard as I like all the tracks! Oildale, Pop A Pill, Fear Is A Place To Live and Let The Guilt Go, stand out most and all have the same pace too. The Past is the only song that slows down with the acceptation of the chorus in the concluding track Holding All The Lies. My favourite track is Never Around. I love the middle 8; wicked riff and the hypnotising laugh is very energetic I find it hard not to skip back to it!

So basically this album is great. All Korn fans will love this album, its great to rock out to and great at a party or get together.

★★★★★ Album of the Week, 13/07/10


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