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Playlist 04/11/10

November 4, 2010
The Metal Lunchbox – TotalRock, 04/11/10

Aerosmith – Aint That A Bitch
Privilege Of Approval – One Day Left
80’s Matchbox B-line Disaster – So Long Good Night
Apocalyptica – Not Strong ENough
AFI – Miss Murder
Alkeline Trio – The American Scream
All Ends – Generation Disgrace
Skunk Anansi – My Ugly Boy
Volbeat – Fallen
Equilibrium – Die Affeninsel
SSS – Thrash With A Metal Moustache
36 Crazy Fists – In The Midnight
Turisas – Supernaught
Sabaton – Screaming Eagles
Chickenhawk – Scorpieau
Paradise Lost – Erased
My Passion – Asleep In The Asylum
Stone Sour – Mission Statement
Murderdolls – My Dark Place Alone
Killing Joke – Ghost Of Ladbrooke Groove
Grand Magus – At Midnight They’ll Get Wise
Byfrost – Horns To The Sky
Merciful Fate – Curse Of The Pharaohs
Dimmu Borgir – Gateways
Cradle Of Filth – Forgive Me Father
Sabaton – Primo Victoria
Sabaton – 40:1
Sabaton – Screaming Eagles
Sabaton – The Art Of War
Sabaton – Uprising
Beholder – March Of The Damned
Evile – Thrasher


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