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Playlist 08/04/16

April 8, 2016

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 08/04/16

Aerosmith – Outta Your Head

Tess Of The Circle – You Take Me Out Of My Head

Lock & Key – Unclear State Of Mind

Suns Of Thyme – Do Or Die

James Holt – The Mirror

Death Angel – The Moth

Alexanred – Zombie Virus

Mortillery – Radiation Sickness

Otep – Zero

Nemesea – Twilight

Hammer Fight – Good Times In Dark Ages

Varg – Streyfzug

Moonspell – Domina

Nachtblut – Kalt Wien Ein Grab

Walls Of Jericho – Fight The Good Fight

The Dark – The Masque

Earthside – Crater

DevilDriver – Daybreak

Abnormality – Swarm

Aisles – Club Hawaii

Amaryllis – Thorn

Asylums – Necessary Appliances

Criminal – Down Driven

Cripper – A Dime For The Establishment

Judas Priest – Crossfire

Sweet Crystal – Warlords

Diamond Head – Bones

The Unguided – Operation E.A.E

Amon Amarth – At Dawns First Light

Butcher Babies – Monsters Ball

Sumo Cyco – Fuel My Fire

Patent Pending – Last Time That I Saw You

Plague Vendor – ISUA

Wolfmother – Back Round

You Want Fox – Bad Girls

The Algorithm – Pointers

The Penny Black Remedy – Bring Back Brando

Magnum – Burning River

Blind Guardian – Twilight Of The Gods

Coldrain – The War Is On

Double Experience – Horror Beyond Imagination

Zoax – Burn It To The Ground

[Spunge] – It’s Over

HECK – Mope


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