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Playlist 15/04/16

April 15, 2016

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 15/04/16

Aerosmith – Boogie Man

T.Rex – Born To Boogie

Hammer Fight – Gods Of Rock N Roll

Walls Of Jericho – Reign Supreme

Culture Killer – Exterminate Filth

Death Lullaby – Renegade

Defect Designer – Corpsewatcher

Derange – The Thinker

Bloc Party – Virtue

Criminal – Shock Doctrine

Danze Macabre – Mistletoe Bride

Darkness Divided – Misery

Day Old Hate – First Light

Daydream Frenzy – Shout

The Downes Braide Association – Vanity

The Heretic Order – Death Ride Blues

The Hacktivist – Deceive And Defy

Defences – Grow

Demise Of The Crown – We Are Invincible

Demob Happy – Suffer You

Desaster – Damnatio Ad Bestias

Destruction – Second To None

Dexters – Suburban Sex Dungeon

Create To Inspire – Don’t Let Go

Doro – Love’s Gone To Hell

Buck – Long Hot Highway

Drenge – The Woods

Judas Priest – Electric Eye

Elessar – Goodwill

Empty Yard Experiment – Entropy

Erimha – The First Law

Double Experience – P (As In Pneunomia)

You Want Fox – Bad Girls

The Amorettes – Rock Me, Roll Me

The Penny Black Remedy – You Have Wasted Your Life, Now Please Stop Wasting Your Money

Magnum – Invasion

Blind Guardian – Fly

Coldrain – Voiceless

Heart – Crazy On You

Ghost – Monstrance Clock

Gojira – Ocean Planet

Saxon – Requiem (We Will Remember)

Pennywise – God Save The USA

Anti-Flag – Fabled World

Escape The Fate – Ungrateful


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