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Playlist 24/11/16

Bands Over Breakfast – TotalRock, 24/11/16

Interview with The Amorettes

 The Amorettes – Rock Me, Roll Me

 The Amorettes – Give Em Hell

 The Amorettes – Fire At Will

 The Amorettes – Take Cover

 The Amorettes – Let The Neighbours Call The Cops

 The Amorettes – Bull By The Horns

Testament interview with Chuck Billy

 Testament – The Pale King

 Testament – Disciples Of The Watch


Playlist 22/11/16

Bands Over Breakfast – TotalRock, 22/11/16

Interview with Dead!

 Dead! – You’re So Cheap

 Dead! – Skin

 Dead! – Enemy

 Dead! – Alaska

 Dead! – Phantom

 Dead! – Verona

 Dead! – Everything.Everything!

 Dead! – Dam Restless Future

Playlist 18/11/16

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 18/11/16

Aerosmith – Darkness

Islander – Darkness

Scorpion Child – Moon Tension

We Are Carnivores – You Can’t Argue With Sharks

Necromancing The Stone – Ritualistic Demise

Revocation – Communion

Anti Pasti – Rise Up

Despised Icon – The Aftermath

Rage – The Devil Strikes Again

OneLegMan – OneLegDance

Area 11 – Contract

The Decoy – Cold

Nycosia – Astral Selection

High Hopes – Vanguard

This Burning Age – Tatterdemalion

Tess Of The Circle – I’m Not Ashamed

1000mods – Above 179

Thirsty – The Albatross’

Accept – Stampede (Live)

Vader – Angels Of Steel

The Dead Daisies – Song And A Prayer

Devilment – Full Dark, No Stars

Sepultura – I Am The EnemyThe Alleyway Wolves – Erase And Rewind

Kaos Krew – End My Pride

Steve ’n’ Seagulls – November Rain

Reckless Love – Rock It

Teenage Casket Company – Thankyou For Nothing

Crobot – Not For Sale

The Amorettes – Rock Me, Roll Me

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Goggles

Volbeat – The Mirror And The Reaper

Like A Storm – Never Surrender

Black Stone Cherry – White Trash Millionaire

Fahran – A Thousand Nights

Kula Shaker – Hush

Placebo – Nancy Boy

Status Quo – What You’re Proposin’

Frank Turner – Mittens

Silverstien – Smile In Your Sleep

Memphis May Fire – Carry On

The Devil Wears Prada – To The Key Of Evergreen

Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage

Playlist 17/11/16

Bands Over Breakfast – TotalRock, 17/11/16

Kobra And The Lotus interview with Kobra Paige

 Kobra And The Lotus – TriggerPulse

 Kobra And The Lotus – Hold On

 Kobra And The Lotus – Black Velvet

Evergrey interview with Tom and Jonas

 Evergrey – Broken Wings

 Evergrey – In Orbit

 Evergrey – King Of Errors

 Evergrey – A Touch Of Blessing

Playlist 15/11/16

Bands Over Breakfast – TotalRock, 15/11/16

Delain interview with Martijn Westerholt

 Delain – Electricity

 Delain – Suckerpunch

 Delain – Fire With Fire

 Delain – Danse Macabre

 Delain – Pendulum

 Delain – The Gathering

Playlist 11/11/16

The Hell Drive – TotalRock, 11/11/16

Aerosmith – Last Child

Scorpion Child – Acid Roulette

Heyrocco – Build It Up

Islander – Think It Over

Issues – Coma

Cairo Son – Lion In A Cage

Making Monsters – Call Me Out

Necromancing The Stone – Crusher

Devilskin – Never See The Light

The Ruts DC – Psychic Attack

Gruesome – Raped By Darkness

Revocation – Arbiters Of The Apocalypse

We Are Carnivores – Theodor’s A Don, Bro

Grim Reaper – Walking In The Shadows

Nopes – Corners

Tirade – We’re Having Fun

Headless Kross – …Does Not Equal Time

Demon – Are You Just Like Me

Last Great Dreamers – Oblivion Kids

JoanOvArc – Dragon In The Sky

A Sense Of Gravity – Echo Chasers

Salems Pot – Tranny Takes A Trip

Souls Of Tide – She’s Dead

Electric Guitars – Swagman

Dark Clarity – All Have Gone

Somehow Jo! – Go With The Jo

Architects – Hollow Crown

Reckless Love – Monster

Teenage Casket Company – Thankyou For Nothing

Airbourne – It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Crobot – Chupacabra

The Amorettes – Rock Me Roll Me

Alter Bridge – Words Darker Than Their Wings

Gojira – Explosia

Volbeat – For Evigtb

TMTWNBBFN – Boilerplate Daniel

Like A Storm – Love The Way You Hate Me

Black Stone Cherry – Lonely Train

Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage

Playlist 10/11/16

Bands Over Breakfast – TotalRock, 10/11/16

Rattlesnakes interview with Frank Carter

 FC&TRS – Devil Inside Of Me

 FC&TRS – Juggernaut

 FC&TRS – I Hate You

 FC&TRS – Trouble

 FC&TRS – Rotten Blossom

 FC&TRS – Primary Explosive

 FC&TRS – Lullaby